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Sam Vicari (IL) // Soft Limbs // Batty Blue


Muse Music
247 W Center St 84601 Provo United States
SAM VICARI (from Chicago, IL) will be welcomed at The Muse Music Cafe!

"With his geek-sheik thick rimmed glasses and mustard colored cardigans, you get the experience of a true nerd rocker." - Loud Loop Press, April 2010



"In terms of influences, Soft Limbs view them as entities that transcend whatever artist they’re currently listening to. 'Influences go way beyond bands,' says Francis. “Whatever has me on an emotional high that day influences how I’ll drum or perform." - SLUG



There’s an oversaturation of folk bands in Provo, but this album is charming and off-beat enough from the typically clean-cut music of Happy Valley to stand alone. It rubs into you nicely— like a good sweater from the D.I. Soft accordion is the threshold to intellectually stimulating lyrics that seem to unapologetically examine religion. “Earnest Blood/Rapture,” declares, “There’s a spirit in my book and it’s telling me lies / Tricked me into feeling guilty about things that naturally come from an earnest heart that’s still pumping blood.” While there are heavy lyrical moments, the overall texture of Ekphrasis is bittersweet. “Sway With Me” brings a swirling, singalong lightness, while “Organic Computer” is a tender denouement with fingerstyle guitar and a simple proclamation: “I need the truth / So I can be less confused.” –Kia McGinnis



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