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Living Faith Discussion with Thomas Rogers


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Thomas F. Rogers has lived his Latter-day Saint faith all over the world. The experiences he relates from far-flung places, mingled with thirty-one years as a BYU professor of Russian, offer remarkable insight into the hard work always involved when we practice charity, “the pure love of Christ” (Moroni 7:47). Let Your Hearts and Minds Expand is his spiritually and intellectually stimulating collection of essays, articles, letters, poetry, and art exploring the dimensions of faith, reason, charity, and beauty.

Rogers is a defender of the faith, but his book moves us well beyond typical apologetics. His Mormonism serves as the bedrock for discussions on the life of the mind, the value of literature, and the challenges of religious orthodoxy. A common thread is the journey of those who have become disenchanted with their faith. Souls who, according to Rogers, have often been gifted, even brilliant. Having asked all the right questions, they’ve somehow found themselves on the outside, uncertain if they want to come back. Rogers speaks to them—and to that part in each of us—calling for reasonable, faithful, even joyful, reunion.